Thursday, June 9, 2016

BA 1600pts Free French vs Germans

Last night Nigel and Kent came round for a game of Bolt Action. Again we played 1600points of tank heavy forces. I used the same force as last time (2x Vet 75mm shermans, 1x 76mm sherman, M10, Scott, 81mm mortar, 2x vet squads, bazooka, dodge truck), Kent had tweaked his list and took:

2x stugs
3x panzer IVs
2x vet FJ squads
1x 81mm mortar
1x105mm howitzer

We used the same table and played point defence. Nigel rolled to see who attacked and it was the Germans so I set up my infantry, mortars and guns on table, armour in reserve.

A view from my positions- I placed the 81mm mortar in the edge of the woods with an infantry squad and bazooka. The 57mm gun covering the road and the second infantry squad in the cornfields to protect eitehr the central or left objectives. I had a sherman and the Scott flanking.

Turn 1 the Germans advance on my right flank with a single stug covering the crossroads/left flank.

The panzers cover the infantry advance on turn 1.

Turn 2 begins with the 105mm howitzer getting a direct hit on my 57mm AT gun and destroying it!

The M10 showed up and immediately knocked out one of the panzer IVs (smoke jsut visible behind the trees). One-One.

Another panzer advances and taes up a hull down position behind the building.

It is immobilised by my commander's Sherman coming on table from near the woods.

The 76mm Sherman and M10 cower behind a building. Something tells me there is a stug on ambush not far away...


The game about the start of turn 3.

The stugs ambush shot missed but then at the start of turn 3 the stug brews up the Sherman.

Turn 4 the Scott arrives from its flanking manouvre and charges the 105mm howitzer but only kills one crewman.

On the other flank my second 75mm Sherman arrives on table and outflanks the stug.

The immobilised panzer knocks out the scott.

The M10 too falls to Nigel's stug.
The start of turn 5 or 6.

On my right flank the fallschrimjager emerge from the cover of the building.

And the next turn assault and wipe out my infantry for minimal losses.

Suddnely only the bazooka team is contesting the far right objective.

Turn 8 and the final fallschimjager squad advances on the centre objective but my goumiers also contest.

Alas for Kent and Nigel their infantry fail their order test and so my bazooka manages to keep contesting..
Victory to the Free French.

Another good game, I managed to hold the objectives but only just- I had to pass two break tests in the past two turns due to having lsot 6 out of 11 squads/teams (we have introduced a FoW style break test). Also for tank Wars we are using a 5ft x 6ft table so added an extra turn to the game and this worked well.


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