Wednesday, August 19, 2015

BA Free French vs Fallschrimjager

Kent popped round tonight for our much anticipated game. We rolled up Hold Until Relieved so Kent attacked since he defended last time

My Free French
  • Reg 1st Lieutenant and NCO
  • 3x 8 man vet squads with BAR and 2x SMGs
  • 1x 9 man veteran (tough fighter) squad- Goumiers
  • 2x Reg MMGs
  • 1x Reg Medium mortar + observer 
  • 1x Vet bazooka team
  • 1x Reg 57mm AT gun
  • 1x Reg Greyhound armoured car
  • 1x Reg 105mm Sherman 

Kent fielded his FJ:
  • 1st lieutenant + NCO
  • 2x largeish squads (8-9 men one squad was tough fighters)
  • 2x small squads (at least one was regular)
  • 1x pioneer squad with flame thrower
  • 1x MMG
  • 1x sniper
  • 1x mortar
  • 1x 105mm recoilless gun
  • 1x panzer III(F
  • 1x 222 armoured car
Kent had gone for lots of infantry so was very different to his typical force, quite a few SMGs and assault rifles so made for an aggressive force. He also took a panzer III instead of his more usual stug. 

Kent's FJ are briefed on their mission.

The two story house in the centre is the objective and holds one of my squads, the ruined building holds a second veteran rifle squad.

Kent's pioneers and a small assault squad (assault rifles up the wazoo) start in a woods on my far right flank.

A look from the woods towards the objectives.

A 4th squad start behind the ruined building (or the far right of the previous picture), a sniper and mortar observer are in the ruins.

Turn 1, the 57mm AT gun and bazooka have reached the walled field, the greyhound is nearby and the Sherman can be spotted near the woods (where it missed the assault squad)

A close up of the Sherman and German squads.

 The FJ move out of the cover of the treelined paddock. They are supported by the 222 armourd car.

Germans fan out and prepare to assault the ruin held by my squad.

After laying own plenty of covering fire the assault goes in.

It was a bloodbath. We both lost 5 men in the first round and the German survivors then slew my remaining man to capture a jump off point to the objective.

A good start by Kent! His infantry advance to take advantage of the situation.

Another view of the assault

 Meanwhile the two MMG teams have set up in the barn and both are on ambush. With 6 dice each (BA Net rules) suddenly this makes them something Kent is wary of. Respect at last for MMGs!

My lieutenant checks out the barn. Unfortunately the Sherman has been hit my the mortar and pins are mounting so the lieutenant races out to command the tank but is cut down for his troubles! The Sherman is then neutralised and pinned out of the game!

Still we are holding the objective and I'm quietly confident my troops will hold.

The Mk III has moved out to take on the Sherman so my greyhound advances and takes a snap shot, but misses!

A rifle squad advances to support the armoured car.

Th goumiers have reached the walled field beside the objective. The MMG teams have just ambushed the pioneers.

 Goumiers and pioneers face off.

The tough fighting goumiers assault and destroy the pioneers.

Unfortunately the Sherman fails to pass its order test and continues to be hit by the panzer, the 105mm artillery and the mortar!

The goumiers do their best to ignore the panzer.

 The German infantry in the building continue to pin the greyhound, as does the 222 armoured car.

Things are not looking good for the greyhound.
 And the pins mount up.

Finally a 2cm cannon shot from the 222 penetrates and destroys the greyhound.

The panzer III snipes at the 57mm AT gun- which goes down and refuses to return fire two turns in a row. Grrr....

Finally, the Sherman is pinned out of the game.

Turn 6, the fallschrimjager prepare to assault the objective. My squad in the building has 4 pins and its NCO killed.

Kent times it perfectly.

 The very last dice of turn 6 his squad passes its order test and charges the objective and routs the squad in the building, capturing it.

The 4 survivors after the assault.

We then rolled to see if there was a turn 7 but there wasn't. So Kent had grabbed the objective but I had two squads also contesting so the game was a draw. I lost 5 squads, Kent 4. 

A really enjoyable, and close game. The 6 dice MMG teams was a bit of a game changer in that two on ambush made a very effective deterrent- at last! 

I am looking forward to using these forces again in a couple of weeks.


  1. Great looking game - terrain, troops and scenario first-class.

  2. Excellent modeling, are you still doing Kiwis for italy with bolt action?