Monday, August 17, 2015

BA Free French Reinforcements

Unfortunately I've been had a bad cold for a couple of weeks that I couldn't shake so Kent and I have had to cancel a couple of planned games. Hopefully this week though we'll finally get a game in. The plan is to use my Late War Free French vs Kent's Germans and hopefully I can change my current run of losses).

To that end I painted up a few reinforcements last night- a MMG team, officer and observer for my mortar team. All are Artizan Designs- the MMG team are their great coated US infantry, the observer and officer are part of the Devils Brigade special characters range. .

MMG team

 Observer for the medium mortar team.
 I will be running:

  • Reg 1st Lieutenant and NCO
  • 3x 8 man vet squads with BAR and 2x SMGs
  • 1x 9 man veteran (tough fighter) squad- Goumiers
  • 2x Reg MMGs
  • 1x Reg Medium mortar + observer 
  • 1x Vet bazooka team
  • 1x Reg 57mm AT gun
  • 1x Reg Greyhound armoured car
  • 1x Reg 105mm Sherman 

I'm looking forward to the game.


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  1. The reinforcements look good Craig. Good luck for the game!