Sunday, May 10, 2015

BA- Soviet M3A1 Scout Car

One of the iconic vehicles of WWII was the M3A1 (White) scout car. A large number were sent to Russia under lend lease and were used in a number of roles, including by rota razvedi, Soviet reconnaissance troops.

In Bolt Action the Russians can take them as a lend lease recce option instead of a Soviet BA 64 armoured car. A Regular M3A1 scout car is 86pts and comes with a 50 cal but for 15 pts each you can add up to two more 30cal MMGs.

As soon as I saw the new Warlord Games M3A1 I knew my Soviets needed one, hell so do my Americans!

I decided that the scout car needed a crew of infantry manning the machine guns so have added 4x Warlord Games plastic Soviet infantry and am pretty happy with the result. I also used two of the crew that comes with the scout car (driver and NCO with a map) using a simple head swap to Sovietise them.

I decided to paint it in the ubiquitous US Olive Drab. I'm not sure if the Soviets would have bothered repainting them when they arrived in Russia, I recall reading somewhere that they didn't.

The resin model is very, very nice Minmal flash and lots of stowage moulded on to give it a great look. I can't wait to terrorise the Germans with this. I also intend to add a M3 half track to motorise one of my squads and make my Soviets into a more mechanised force representing a motostrelkovy platoon.


  1. Very nice. I've always liked these vehicles.

  2. Thanks guys. I m looking forward to gtting thse guys on table!

    I agree M3A1s ar cool- one of my favourite FoW forces as well. I got my first one as part of an 1:72nd scale Esci Tunisia battlefield set for my 11th or 12 birthday- back then I was disappointed it wasn't a half track.


  3. Nice looking vehicles, always great on our tables...

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  5. Nice work.

    My 'soviet' scout car just arrived in the mail yesterday. It looks like you used the regular soviet infantry models? Any tips on what arms/bodies to use? thanks