Monday, May 4, 2015

BA: German reinforcments

A few reinforcements for our next game of Bolt Action. My friend Nigel is starting to put together a German force. He is unable to paint  force himself so Kent has painted up his infantry and I'm doing his vehicles. I 've made up one of the new Warlord Games plastic stugs. I am really impressed with this model, the barrels are interchangeable so it can be either a 75mm or 105 mm (StuH) version. Crisp details. The only issue I've had is there is a small gap in the front which I will need to fix (and only really picked up on the photo). I painted them in an ambush scheme for Nigel. I also added some plastic reinforcing to the back of the schutzen skirts to ensure that the remain robust

For myself I've added a 251/7 pioneer hanomag. I wanted a pioneer vehicle for my assault pioneer squad and you can't get any more iconic than a pionner version of the hanomag. Again it is a Warlord games kit, the standard 251/c with a 2.8cm panzerbusche AT gun and the very cool assault bridge ramps and also some resin seats crammed with engineer equipment.


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