Sunday, January 4, 2015

Plans for 2015

Another year of gaming done and dusted. So how did 2014 shape up? Not sure how so many boggers keep track of everything they’ve painted, I wouldn't have a clue of my miniature painting tally each year. However, I have added several  new 28mm WWII forces added to my collection (US para’s, more Germans, Free French, Soviets- I’m sure there were others). I've done absolutely nothing with regards to FoW since Day of Days in Feb last year and don't see that changing anytime soon.  I managed to game only about half as often as I'd have liked in 2014 so didn't get a chance to get some of the games I wanted to play such as Dux Bellorum and Hail Ceasar and didn't get much time for  ancients in general.

So what are my gaming plans/goals  for the new year?

1 Downsizing the collection
At this stage probably some downsizing. I am seriously considering cutting back on some of my forces- such as my FOW stuff, and also terrain (especially 15mm terrain). Time to make some more space in the gaming room. I'll sell off some but also have a good clean out of old terrain I don't use too (and mainly stick to 28mm terrain from now on). I will also endevour not to buy too much more lead (famous last words). I did pretty well for a few months then the last couple of months saw more purchases for Bolt Action but time to cut back.

One reason for the clean out and reducing gaming related spending is that I intend to cut back from full time work at the end of 2015 and go back to  my preferred work/life balance off 4 (or better yet) 3 days of work and having more time for other projects/ things I want to do and so I see a need to get rid of some of the gaming clutter as part of this goal.

2 Not attending any gaming Comps
Day of Days in Feb as my last comp I attended as a player  though did join in a participation game at TAGCON in August. At this stage, I don't see myself in going to any gaming conventions/comps in 2015 except maybe taking part in another demo game at TAGCON, I've really lost interest in comp gaming after 12 or so years won't be running Day of Days (the annual FoW event I've run since 2002)  this year. I think the 2014 event was a good time to call it quits; it was a fun weekend, everyone had a good time and so I think it is probably worth ending on a high rather than continuing on for the sake of it. Instead I hope to organise a couple of multiplayer games during the year for some of our local players but nothing bigger than that. 

We will no doubt continue with our weekly role-playing games, those are one of the highlights of my week, hanging out with the guys and all kinds of crazy crap happens round a gaming table, but like wargaming its really just an excuse to get together and have a laugh. 

Board Games
Again, I didn't get as many board games evenings in as I'd have liked in 2014. We will continue board gaming but I would like these to become a bit more regular, and might try to get a fortnightly board game group going.

Gaming at TAG
I also will try to get down to the wargaming club a bit more in 2015 but when you've a gaming room where a table is permanently set up it is sometimes hard to get motivated to pack up armies (and terrain) and head to the club as there is time pressure to start and finish in the allotted time- much easier to simply head downstairs where everything is ready to go and get straight into it. However, I will try to make a bit more of an effort, even if only once every 4-6 weeks or so.

Anyway, enough ramblings from me. Thanks for taking the time to pop by and see what I've been up to on the gaming front over the past year.  I hope that your gaming plans work out for the new year and wish you a prosperous 2015.

Hopefully tomorrow evening Kent and I will get in our first game of the year, using his new American force vs my Germans in Bolt Action so stay tuned...




  1. Good luck with your plans sir! I've really enjoyed your blog this year so will keep popping back during 2015. I know what you mean about finding the motivation to go a club... We're lucky enough to have a gaming room too, so driving an hour (each way) to the Sunday evening club is a bit of hassle, but I intend to try to go along more often.
    Enjoy your toys.

  2. Always good to have plan, Craig. Yours sound very achievable - although I hope you don't regret selling off anything in your bid to downsize. I've been blessed to have hesitated on selling off some of my stuff. Later, I thought, "what was I thinking?" Have a great 2015!

  3. Good luck with the plans Craig! Do the types of gaming you enjoy. It should be fun!

  4. Thanks Dean, you too. Mainly some of my 15mm stuff will go and some 15mm terrain but will leave plenty of forces should we ever get back into 15mm

    @ Roger- too many fun games to play, too little time is the problem.