Monday, January 19, 2015

BA: Italian front German infantry

I've been off on holiday the past few weeks so not much in the way of gaming to report. I started back to work today  and got back into painting last week, my aim to get my Italian front Germans done in preparation for this week game vs Kent and his US paras.

After the last battle I've decided to run with veterans:

  • 2x vet squads (8x infantry incl SMG and 2x LMGs)
  • 1x Vet squad (9 infantry including 3x SMGs and 1x LMG) in a hanomag
  • 1x Vet Pioneer squad (9 men including 1x flamethrower, 3x SMGs) 
  • 1x sniper 

I scavenged a few figs from my EW Germans and intend to get some more of the Artizan DAK range to eventually replace them with. After some experimenting I've decided to go with a tropical uniform as the basis of the infantry (though one squad is currently rebased EW Germans and so are in field gray). Most of the figures are either Artizan LW Germans, though there are a few of the DAK range riflemen, and Crusader miniatures infantry, though there are a few others as well.

Sniper team- scrounged from figures I has lying round- one crusader and one Artizan.

The Pioneers- Crusader and some Warlord Games plastics (the SMG armed guys).

 Crusader miniatures pioneers.

The veteran infantry squad- mainly Crusader but a at least one Black Tree and the SMG armed NCO is Artizan Designs. These guys are in field gray uniforms.

Crusader LMG teams

The second infantry squad- a hodge podge of Artizan Designs (NCO and LMG are from the LW range, riflemen are mainly DAK riflemen and the second LMG team is from Crusader). These ones are painted in more tropical uniform.

The panzer grenadiers- Artizan LW Germans.

Lieutenant and NCO- both from the Artizan LW German NCOs and officers pack.

We will see how they fare on Wednesday's game.



  1. A very nice set of soldiers, great job!

  2. Great set of figures for a favorite set of rules for me. I do like the Italian theater, although not gamed it often enough.