Friday, December 13, 2013

Now that's what I call service!

NZ post, like a lot of gov't departments gets more than its fair share of flak but I'd just like to share a beyond the call of duty story.

We decided last year to move from the country to town with all the sports the kids play as well as our own work and hobbies (gaming, sports practices etc) we were racking up 500-600km per week. My wife was planning to give up work and retrain as a midwife (3 years of fulltime study) and with Hana about to go to high school it made sense to move into town to reduce expenses.

In the country we were on rural delivery which means our postie delivered using a 4wd and he had a run of a couple of hundred kms each day. Over the years we got to know our postie quite well as he andan  important part of the community.

It's been a year and a half now since we moved and I was just sitting out enjoying the sun on the first day of my holidays when who should rock up at the gate but our old postie. He had just finished his run and had a Christmas card from my wife's elderly aunt in Wales. Rather than return it to sender as would usually happen, at the end of his run he went out of his way to deliver it to us in town! I doubt that kind of service would have happened in a larger city but it's things like that which make living in smaller town or community so special.

Thanks Ken, very much appreciated



  1. Nice story, and no it wouldn't happen in town! We're on rural delivery too, and just a couple of weeks ago my wife had a couple of parcels arrive that couldn't be left on their own, so our fabulous postie dropped them off to me at work. I do work further along her mail run, but how many town posties would know their community that well and go that little bit extra? We we lived in the city we often got the wrong mail altogether!

  2. Excellent!! Very well done to Ken.

  3. Please pass on my best wishes of the season to Ken for being a top bloke. It happens here in Oz too, but when it does, it is still worth a serious mention

  4. I know this wasn't the point of the story (which was nice) but: 500-600 "kloms" a week, holy cow! I'd be glad if I racked up 70-80 km on a week (on bike and with public transportation). There's a difference between rural and urban, that's for sure...