Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bolt Action- Burma

Tonight Kent poped round fo rth last game of the year another Bolt action bash set in Burma in 1944
I took:
3x regular rifle sections
1x Gurkhas (vets)- using commando rules as the Gurkha ones are OTT
1x Vickers MMG
1x Sniper
1x Stuart

Kent ran:
2x rifle sections
1x jungle fighters (vets)
juu MMG
light mortar
Chi ha tank.

We decided to go with Point Defence. Kent decided to defend and put everything on table (& hidden) except for his Chi ha. I put my Gurkhas and a section flanking to the right and the Stuart to the left. My preliminary bombardment pinned a few sections but did no lasting damage.

Turn 1- I weigh my left flank.
 The Japanese commander decides to make his HQ in a ruin in the jungle.
 Turn 2, my infantry takes cover and awaits developments in the form of some artillery support.
 Some long range rifle fire pins one section.
 The HMG also advances.
 I manage to hit the veteran jungle fighters with some very lucky dice rolls, killing 4!
 The HMG takes a loss from the British sniper.
 The Japanese defenders hold their ground.
 Having pinned the jungle fighters a section charges and manages to kill them all in hand to hand fighting.
 The regular infantry from the far objective launch a desperate counter attack, killing the British riflemen but there are not enough Japanese left to hold.
 The Chi ha finally makes its appearance on turn 4, on my right flank.
 And them my flanking force appears, whittling down the Japanese rifle platoon defending the ruin. 
 I get the roll of the dice on turn 6 and charge in with the Gurkhas, slaughtering the final infantry, leaving the commander and NCO to hold the objective...briefly 
 By now the Japanese are down to the howitzer and tank so slink off, leaving our donkey objective behind.
 The final assault destroyed the last Japanese infantry section.
A major victory to the British. It turned into a very one-sided game. My dice were insane the first 2-3 turns and managed to inflict some serious damage for very little loss- Kent had a knack tonight of rolling 1 less than needed to hit all night where as I hit again and again and again.

As usual a fun, relaxing game where the main goal was to chill out and roll some dice. Great game Kent, sorry about the dice rolling, it was extremely one sided.



  1. That looks great. I like your jungle pieces and the figures. A project for me too in the New Year!

  2. Thanks Boggler. Aquarium plants have many uses...sometimes they even end up in aquariums :)


  3. I haven't yet blooded my Japs or Ghurka but your excellent batrep has stirred me into what passes for action at xmas.