Sunday, June 23, 2013

Progress sort of...

My painting & gaming apathy has continued. In fact the only "gaming" I've been doing has been playing Allied Corps, the allied version of Panzer Corps. It is now only a couple of weeks until the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg game and I had decided I wasn't going. I have a few other commitments such as sports teams I run, on the Saturday so had decided to flag it, giving Dave my troops to run. However yesterday I had a change of heart and decided I will try to make it- at least for the afternoon of Saturday (will leave straight after Finn's soccer game and so be in CHCh by 1-2pm. Che and I originally decided to go halves in Hoods Division but I now see I am slated to do the whole thing- a quick count up of figures yesterday left me quite a few stands short!

I have to provide:

Anderson’s Brigade- 14 strands
·        (8th, 9th, 11th and 9th Georgia) 
Robertson's Brigade (The Texas Brigade)- 12 stands
(1st,  4th & 5th Texas,  3rd Arkansa)  

Law's Brigade- 12 stands 
(4th, 15th, 44th, 47th and 48th Alabama)
Benning’s Brigade (Henry L Benning)- 10 stands
·         (2n, 15th, 17th & 20th Georgia)

So I found myself 13 stands short! Yesterday I painted up  3 more and have 10 more stands and a commander to go (basically Benning's Brigade), along with a battery of artillery. So this week I have to do some painting!

I thought I'd give the troops a quick roll call.


  1. Very very glad to read of the change of heart Craig. I have 8 stands of Tiger Zouaves that you can borrow if you want. Not right for Hood but they are Reb's!!

  2. Thanks for the offer Roger.

    Hopefully my command won't be destroyed before I turn up :)

    I have done another 4 stands this afternoon/evening. Last two bases drying in front of the fire so I can paint the bases.

    so 6 more stands to do over the next week which should be manageable.


  3. A most impressive array of red necks!

  4. Looking great, very impressive!

    1. Thanks Phil. The Gettysburg game is going to look amazing

      Now 6 stands to go.

  5. Looking forward to see you there Craig.

    Yours is the premier division of the ANV.

    Good question about whether you will have troops left by the time you arrive. Your boys will be facing Nick "call me mad Dan Sickels" Garden and rumour has it he ain't for waiting for the Confederate hammer to fall.

    Delay the arrival on table of your Division until you get there as an option.


    1. No pressure there then Russ!

      Nick "Mad as a hat" Garden eh. He better have grown some whiskers for the occasion.

      I'll leave Dave with some strict orders not to get all my command killed and take my chances


  6. Good looking bunch indeed....all the best with it.

  7. An amazing array of miniature Craig! Great one (: