Monday, June 24, 2013

More ACW- the end is in sight

My final brigade is well under way- 8 of the 10 stands needed for Bennings Brigade. So the end is definitely in sight. I have to do 4 more stands of marching infantry to do (2 of these stands will be used to complete one of the other brigades). I've ordered some Perry metals in frock coats for more variety so won't be able to finish the last four stands until they arrive.

To speed up the process these guys are simply block painted and then a wash of the water based Army Painter soft tone- which I really enjoy using- then based. Done to a reasonable gaming standard in pretty good time. I've also decided to simplify the look of my Rebs- I am using 2-3 shades of grey and Vallejo tan for a butternut look now and then to break it up a bit- enough variety in colours to keep in interesting. Most of the figures are Perry plastics but a few are Steve Barber. Many of the Perry plastics have Barber head swaps. 

 To save painting up more stands I have decided to use my mounted Black Powder Brigade commanders to represent my brigadiers

And something a bit more random. The weekend saw us pass the shortest day here at the bottom of the world. I took this picture about 8am this morning as the sun was rising in the east the moon was setting over the Hunter Hills in the west, reflecting the light of the rising sun.



  1. The Rebs are looking awesome Craig. Very fast work too! The moon did look very cool this morning. Great photo.

  2. Greate looking rebs !

    best regards Michael