Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A game... at last

I've been a bit slack lately, I haven't done any gaming (apart from a game of Twilight Struggle board game- one of my favorites, it is extremely well done and is a great cold war game) last week. I have been doing some work on the gaming room- putting down carpet and picking up a pool table from Christchurch. Hopefully next week the power will be on and then I can start lining the walls.

Tonight though, Dave and Stephen popped round for a 500 pt per side game of Impetvs. Stephen's Militant rabble vs my stalwart defenders of Armenians and some rather smelly and dodgy Frankish allies.

The game started well for Dave and I and on turn 2 we were full of confidence but by turn 3 things had taken a turn for the worse- Stephen's Crusader knights had got the drop on Dave's troops and were smashing units of knights left, right, and centre. I tried to support him but alas rolled double ones and my general was found wanting at the critical moment and the Hospitaller knights charged home and routed our armies- not a good start in the new room!

Full of confidence the Armenians/Franks alliance deploys for battle. 
 The Hospitaller host, keen to claim new lands in Armenia, deploys.
 Dave's Franks, formerly Kent's troops, are arrayed and briming with (over) confidence.
 Dave throws his knights forward but Stephen's own Crusades manage to hold (VBU 7 vs Dave's VBU 6 being the deciding factor in the longer term)

  Both sides throw extra troops into the developing melee.
 The Hospitallers are still waiting the order to advance- it looks like the battle will be over before they can get involved as the regular Crusaders are crushing Dave's forces.
 A typically chaotic scene mid battle as the battle devolves into several skirmishes.
 Stephen's VBU 7 knights smash through everything in their path and are nigh on unstoppable.
 Dave's general tries to stop the rot but too little too late, his army is broken and routs off the table.
 My own troops are paralysed by the indecisiveness of their commander and fail to act to support Dave's Franks at the critical moment. 
 Leaving them wide open to the hospitallers final charge for glory.
 Run away. The words "hot knife" and "butter" spring to mind.
A good fun game even if we ended up being thrashed.



  1. Very nice pictures of a very nice report! Some splendid figures (I love the Hospitallers!)...

    1. Those hospitallers are very nice, facing them isn't!

  2. Ecxellent, Congrats on getting the new room up and going!

    1. Definitely still a WIP but its getting there

  3. Very nicely done Craig....and I love the token pool table hahaha...."of course it's a family games room".

  4. Lol. The kids are enjoying the pool and it if stops She Who Must be Obeyed scrutinising the bills too closely then all well and good. Slowly the gaming will increase but having it as "multipurpose family space" is helping to justify the expense:)

  5. Nice battle write up Craig, after your Tagcon email I ordered some deus vult Crusader Cav and Inf, I'm totally blaming you!
    Your games room is looking great too :) got a hot wee spot down there, what an improvement! and of course now your lad is painting, he's going to need a table too ;)

  6. I am interested to see the Fireforge figures Andy- and tempted myself. I'm keen to do a small military orders force (45pts each for knights it won't be very large!) to ally with my other armies. We have plenty of Crusader forces (Dave, Stephen and Kent but I'm the only one to run Arabic and other armies so far)

    Speaking to Dave and Stephen last night (they are organising TAGCON) and the Crusades themed Impetvs event is definitely on so get painting!

    Maybe it should be be subtitled "God Wills it!"

  7. Very nice to see the room coming along Craig!

  8. The Fireforge figures arrived today and the knights look cool, interesting shield setup too I haven't seen before but clever nonetheless, I'll post some pics of the sprues tonight so you can see. I'm mostly impressed so far :)
    I infantry appear to look bigger than the cav slightly in scale so I will also do a multi-company line up so you can compare.

    Definitely God did not will it!

  9. Look forward to the comparisons Andy

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