Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Carthaginian's vs Gauls- 400 pts

Another clash vs Kent's Carthaginian's tonight. A couple of minor changes to my list:

My Gauls

Commander: Poor (+1)(13 pts)
4x        CM Cavalry 
1x        S Javelinmen
Commander: Fair (+2) (19 pts)
2x        FL  Elite Warriors-large (Gen)
2x        FL Warriors- large
2x        S Javelinmen

Commander: Fair (+2)(19 pts)
2x        FL  Elite Warriors-large (Gen)
2x        FL Warriors- large
2x        S Javelinmen

I used the rulebook (VBU 3 skirmishers) and put all my cavalry into a single command.The rationale for the single javelin unit is bit of a metagame- the command will break at 50% losses so it brings the break point up to 7 meaning that if I hide the javelinman along my backline I will need to lose 3 cavalry units to break the command. Hopefully though if I send two cavalry units forward and leave two in reserve. If I can retreat the cavalry when they are damaged before they are destroyed I should be able to throw forward the two reserve units.
Kent used the same commands as last time, evenly split.

Good command
1x Veteran spearmen
1x Libyan Spearmen
2x Spanish scutari (javelins)
2x skirmishers
1x elephant 
1x punic cavalry

2nd command the same but with a poor commander. 

Kent's poor commander rolled double ones on turn 1 and so become incompetent which had major repercussions for the rest of the game...
 My plan? To try to win on the flank with my cavalry, holding half back a a reserve while also trying to outflank Kent's troops on the open right flank.

 The Gallic cavalry prepares to advance.
 Nothing like a mob of impetuous Gauls. My strategy this time is to put all my infantry into large blocks and close as quickly as possible  before the accursed javelinmen wear down my infantry.
 Kent's punic cavalry.
 My right flank infantry command advances on turn 1.
 Turn 2- After having become incompetent on turn 1 on turn 2 he wheels his line to face my advancing horde. In the centre/right he pushes forward his screen of scutari and skirmishers. My second block of nfantry advances in the centre.
 My right flank advances though the woods, their young javelinmen advance taunting the Carthaginians.
 Meanwhile on the left flank my cavalry drive the punic cavalry back.
 Turn 4 (I think) my infantry on y right pass the woods and close with Kent's poor command- which once again is paralysed with indecision.
 My strategy on the left is going much better than expected, smashing several units. Kent's left in in danger of being overrun and I have still taken no losses!  Having destroyed the Libyan spearmen and driven off the cavalry the Spanish Scutari have turned to face the threat and try to stabilise the situation.
 In the centre, my crazy Gauls close with the Carthaginians, driving back an elephant. Finally though Kent's javelinmen start doing some damage and my centre takes a couple of losses.
 In the end Kent's left flank collapsed spectacularly and his army routed. My left flank took some damage in the last turn as Kent tried to get some points back before the game ended. That command lost 8 pts in the end (6 n the final turn)  and my centre command lost 6 pts but we destroyed the right and inflicted major losses on the left flank too. My cavalry command performed much better than expected, even if my plan to hold half the units back failed when I spied an opportunity early on...

A rather decisive victory and a complete reversal of last weeks game! The game took less than  1 1/2 hours all up so we are keen to increase to 500 pts for the next game, I might need to paint up a couple more units of Gauls for that though...

Next Thursday is ANZAC Day so Kent a talking of a multi-player game with Nigel and Dale, possibly an East Front FoW bash so no Impetvs next week. 



  1. Greate AAR !!!

    You lucky man realy have played lots of games lately, keep it up:)

    Best regards Michael

  2. Kent has some commitments coming up which will keep him busy for a few weeks and unable to game so we are making the most of it in the meantime:)


  3. Great report as ever,

    Surprised that against Gauls Kent is not going for more Cav instead of his Elephantino's. Especially some Numidian Cav should be excellent against any warband/cav army if only for pulling apart the coherent blokcs of warband....... but who am I to give advice without once having played the game proper :-)

  4. Another interesting Impetus battle. Having found your blog only recently, I am really enjoying your Impetus BatReps.
    Keep 'em, coming!


    1. Thanks Jon, its a bit random as my wargaming as focus change regularly, but hope you find the odd post of interest. Impetus is great fun. We keep meaning to try Hail Caesar but enjoy Impetus too much and given our limited gaming time try not to learn too many nee rulesets.

    2. The guys at the club are messing around with hail caesar and seem to be enjoying it, so Im taking the plunge and made warlord games very happy with rule book and a bunch of their Macedonians.

      be interesting in how it goes


    3. Hi Dave, I've got the books, and the rules seem good. Its just finding time to try it. We are happy with Impetus but I think Hail Caesar would work better for multi-player games. The guys at the club having finally being co-oerced to take the plunge with Impetus aren't too keen on another rule set either.

  5. Cheers Paint-In

    Luckily for me Kent doesn't have an Numidian or other light cav at present- they would be a pain to face. The elephants may not be the best use of points but the Aventine models, and Kent' painting of them, are amazing so I'm glad they get some table time. I think he does have some Spanish cav he as going to paint up but not sure if he'll do them as medium or light cav.