Thursday, April 25, 2013

ANZAC Day- FoW Game

Dale was keen for a game of FoW at his new house to commemorate ANZAC day. He suggested a Gazala-1st Alamein era theme and so I made up a couple of Axis companies for Kent and I to use.

            Italian Carri  (Me)
1x        M14/41          
4x        M14/41          
4x        M14/41          
4x        Semevontes 75mm  
4x        captured 25 pdrs     
Sporadic Stukas
            Panzer Company  (Kent)  
2x        Panzer III Late Js     210
4x        Panzer III late Js       420
4x        Panzer IV, 2x F2, 2x F1      480
2x        231 Acs          85

Dale: Light Tank Squadron
2x Stuarts
3x Stuarts
3x Stuarts
3x Stuarts
3x Grants
3x Gants
Sporadic Air

Nigel: Light tank Squadron
4x CS Crusaders
3x Crusader II
3x Crusader II
3x Cruader II
3x Grants
4x 25pdrs

We used a 6x 7.5ft table and played a FFA to keep it nice and simple.
Nigel and I deployed at the top of the shot, Dale and Kent at the bottom of picture.

 Turn 1- Kent advances his panzer company.
 Dale's Stuarts have zipped in amongst the  sand dunes.
 Nigels crusaders using the town for cover.
 I get a stuka strike on turn 1.
  I destroy two of Dale's tanks and bail 3 more!
 Turn 2. Nigel's crusaders advance covered by the Grants (which look rather like Shermans!)
 My Semovante's try to remain gone to ground but the closest one gives their position away as he is in the open to the crusaders.Nigel and I then engaged in a rather pathetic fire fight for 3 turns, either missing each other or failing most firepower tests. To make matters wore my artillery was pinned on turn 1 and failed to unpin for a couple of turns so remained GtG.
 Kent has been putting pressure on Dales tanks so my Carri  (CT)race out to join in the fun- and promptly become the target of every allied tanker. 
 The "tank fight" continues, to round 2 and we've managed to bial one tank each!

 Then there were three bailed semovante's!
 Kent's panzer continue to use the sandhills as cover, sniping and stormtroopering.
 Kent's tanks start whittling down Dale's Stuarts. 
 Finally, a couple of rounds of shooting has sen of the crusader threat. The final one tried to assault the Italian artillery and was knocked out by defensive fire.
 The panzers continue taking a toll on Dale's tanks.
 Meanwhile tohugh I have lsot a carri platoon and are engaged in a firefight with the CS crusaders
 But a combination of Kent's panzers, carri and finally an airstike destroy the HQ tanks and Nigels' squadron is broken.
 Moments later Dale's company breaks as well. 

Although the result appeared one sided, it was pretty close on my flank as I was down to one Semovante and had passed a morale test to stay on the board. The crusader IIs, carri and semovante were a blast to run- pop guns and pretty average armour made for  fun game and many entertaining events. 

So a victory to the Axis but really the day was more about getting together, rolling a few dice and playing a game to commorate NZs national day of remembrance to those that served, those that fell,   and the lucky ones who returned. 


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