Monday, June 18, 2012


Total wargaming apathy has taken hold in the past couple of weeks. I've had no inclination to paint anything at all. Kent and I have tried to arrange a couple of games of Impetvs but real life has interfered so we have had to cancel both times.  The same has happened this week but hopefully next week my Seljuks will get another crack at those dastardly Crusaders.

However, I had some interesting chats about Impetvs at Southcon. The Dunedin guys have tried it a few times but seem to have problems with a viking shieldswall strenthcing form one side of the tble ot the other and simply relentlessly marching across the tabl to victory by not allowing room to get on its flanks- a similar issue to standard DBA Ive found. It seems to be a similar issue raised by other 28mm gamers using the suggested 12cm wide bases and as far as I'm concerned it is a symptom of using too narrow a table. With our 8cm wide bases each stand takes up 33% less table width, so to get some manouvre into the game they need to sart looking at using 8-9 ft wide tables (that's what I'd be ddoing if i were using 12cm wide bases). Flanks should be  important. Although there are examples of battles fought on very narrow frontages where manouevre was restricted this is far too common in many wargaming systems and is symptomatic of the table sizes used creating the infamous edge of the world syndrome where flanks can be held by simply anchoring them to the edge of the table. I prefer a game of movement and manouevre so, for us, the 8cm widths has solved an issue that some gamers have found with the standard 12cm wide ones.

 I should be getting some gaming in this week. Dale and I have arranged for a Mid War desert clash with my Italian carri company (recently reinforced with some purchases at Southcon) vs Dales light tank squadron of Stuarts and Grants. It should make for a fast and fun game.

Here I what I am thinking of taking:

             Carri Company        
1x        M41 Carri       60
5x        M41 Carri       300
4x        M41 Carri       240
4x        75mm Semovente-4x  AAMGs      340
4x        pak 36r (allied)          245
2x        88s (extra crews, no gun shields) 220
            Sporadic Macchi      90
The main idea being to run the tank platoonsunder the watchful gaze of the pak 36r (range 32") and 88s. Not sure if it will work but we will soon find out.


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