Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FoW & the painting drought ends

Tonight we finally got in a game of FoW in after about 3-4 weeks without any gaming. It was supposed to be 2 vs 2 game with 4x 1000pts forces in the desert but Nigel couldn't make it so in the end Kent and I amalgamated our forces and ran a combined carri/panzer company vs Dale's light armoured squadron. a typical swirling desert clash that Dale managed to win, though as with all good games it went down to the wire and both sides were on the verge of breaking the otger and so grabbing victory. . 

Last night I finally broke the painting drought and painted up 3 stands of Warlord Games Russian infantry. They are easy to out together (only 3 pieces) and paint up very well. They are a wee bit slimmer than the Front Rank metals that make up the bulk of my army but they fit together well. The stand on the far left is Front Rank, the other three are the Warlord Games Russians. I am also keen to get some of the new Perry plastics in the not to distant future.

 Again the Front Rank base is on the front left.

I will have to take a stock take of my Russian force soon. I'm looking forward to testing out Black Powder in the next week or two (when the rules arrive) but am a bit undecided whether to go for 4 or 6 stands per battalion. If I go for 6 as the standard then I'll need to have 8 stand Austrian battalions and that is maybe a bit much to paint. I guess it will depend a bit on how easily broken the smaller 4 stand battalions are in the game as to which size we end up going with. 



  1. I also had the same thoughts for my Russians and French Craig, and decided to stick with the lasalle basing of units of 4 bases. If as you mention, they tend to be a bit brittle, Ill count the units of 4 as having 4 stamina instead of 3.
    Im also hoping to try the rules out in the next week or so with Noel (who sounds like hes coming to chch for the Borodino game)

    The other deciding factor was it would mean rebasing over 20 battalions and after basing all them once, that was enough lol


  2. That sounds like a good solution- I think I will go for larger Cav regiments though.

    would be great to have Noel along too- numbers are looking good