Monday, March 11, 2024

Terrain for gaming in Burma

 In the last couple of weeks I've been explerimenting with making rice paddies for games set in Burma and he Far East. Quite happy wih how hey have urned out so far, bu ened o make a few more when i get time. 

I also took the opporuniy to tidy up my jungle terrain that had got a bit chipped in the past few years. Someone needs to wrie  abook, 101 uses for plastic aquarium plants :) 

Until next time



  1. This article is fascinating! Creating rice paddies for gaming set in Burma and the Far East adds more detail and realism to the game. Tidying up the jungle terrain is also a great idea, ensuring that the gaming environment remains intact and beautiful. Perhaps there will be people interested in a book titled "101 Uses for Plastic Aquarium Plants" after all!


  2. Cheers bmg. I appreciate the feedback.