Monday, November 15, 2021

Ogres vs dwarfs- final hit out.

 Final chance for a playtest game before Conquest next weekend. My Ogres once again facing off vs the Brocks of Doom commanded by the wily dwarf-in-chief Gordon.

We played Invade and even though I would like to say I gave the dwarves a run for their money the truth was a very different story. One might argue that it was a final hit out before next weekend and so a chance to try new things but truth be told I made far to many mistakes and these cost me dearly.

 Gordon noted that I did catch him off guard on turn 2 when the mammoth managed to flank charge one of the Ironguard regiments but by failing to support this charge with the hunters I ended up not doing enough damage to break the unit. Not aiding my cause any that turn was rolling not one but two double 1 checks for nerve tests. I can’t way these rolls made a huge difference but they definitely didn’t help my cause. I did however get some revenge later when a devastated unit of siege breakers survived thanks to a another double 1s troll.

Still by the end of Gordons turn 6 I was left with a couple of units on table rueing missed opportunities.

A few things to remember

1.       Make sure you angle units correctly- a couple of poor positions allowed flank changes vs siege breakers (by brock regiment) and also on the hunters. I need to take a wee bit more time and check the options (and charge ranges) when positioning units.

2.       Mammoths are taller than hunters so double charge -if you can. I manoeuvred the hunters out of the way when I should have added them to an attack instead.

3.       Berserker braves have wild charge!!!!

4.       Concentrate your fire- I failed to do this and paid the price.

5.       Do not get units in each others way. I managed to get my boomers in all sorts of tangle ups and that didn’t help my cause- as I tried to open up a fire lane for the shooters- a cunning plan which wasn’t.

6.       Linked to point 5 above, make sure the shooters have a clear line of sight from the get go- I was worried about Gordon’s shooting so deployed the shooters behind the hunters to leap frog over them, instead they should have been anchoring a flank (by the pond) as I usually do with them.  


Turn 1- the dwarves go first.

Gordon has started using spare bases before finalising his moves- a good idea.

The brocks sieze the initiative

the charge I didn't make but should have! Instead i amouvred the hunters out of the way of the mammoth as I forgot the mammoth was taller and so had line of sight. 

The mammoth gets a flank charge though. 

I sneak the siebreakers slightly too far out on the flank and the brocks smash into thier flank- devestrating them but thanks to the third double 1 of the game the siegebreakers hold. 

The shooters and siege breakers try to context and halt the onalsught- unsucessfully. 

The dwarves are victorious. 
wow, that ended up very onesided. I made far too many msitakes and failed to maximise my shooting early on and really paid the price. It was a lesson for me in many many ways and a bit gutted I didn't offer Gordon a more competitive final game before next weekend but I am looking forward to trying the army vs a variety of opponents, not at all confidnet it will do any good but we will see. 

As always a great game Gordon and I look forward to seeing how the dwarves perform enxt weekend. You have them running very, very well at present. 


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