Wednesday, May 19, 2021

KoW vs Ken's Kingdom's of Men

 I popped down to the club for a rematch vs Ken and his kingdom of Men. Ken ran the same list as last week, I tweaked my own Easterlings (KoM) a bit more. The core remained the same but I wanted to see how regiments of mounted scouts performed vs troops, so downgraded the footguard to vanilla shield wall.

Ken's Kingdom of Men

  • 2x knight regiments
  • 1x pike horde
  • 1x footguard horde
  • Giant
  • Beast of war (mammoth)
  • Hero on peg
  • Mounted general
  • Wizard
  • Elven bows
  • Silverbreeze troop
  • Wizard
  • Some sort of Elf hero


  • Gen on fell beast
  • gen on a horse
  • mounted wzard with boomstick and a horse
  • 3x knight regiments
  • 2x mounted scout troops
  • 1x giant
  • 1x Shieldwall horde
  • 1x bow regiment
  • 1x Ogre horde (allies)
We played the invade mission, the objective being to get more of your troops onto the enemies side than they do yours. 


Turn 1- Ken advances his troops

On my turn I advance the knights on my right. 

The pikes advance in the centre. 

The beast of war charges the human bowmen and damages but doesn't destroy them. 

The hero on a pegasus charges the mounted scouts, the knights were wavered by the elven archers.

Despite the odds the human bowmen do not break. 

Attack is the best form of defence. On the right Ken outnumbers me so I throw my knights into the charge to disrupt things, doesn't quite pay off though as his knights stick around. 

The mounted scouts charge into the flank of the beast of war but don't kill it. 

Which as you can see opened them up to a whole load of flank charges/ 

The giant bears down on the elven archers, shrugging of their bowfire though he did take a fireball in the face from a nearby wizard. The silver breeze in the backgorund were wavered.

Th melee betwen the knights continues but the giant has now stepped into to lend a hand so this will not end well for my knights. 

The two genereals duke it out and in time Ken's general wins. 

As you can see the knights have gone as have the mounted scouts and the beast is now engaged with the ogres. 

The hill is our and the mounted scouts are lining up a charge vs the wavered silverbreeze (just out of piture on the far left)

But in the centre the pike horde's relentless charge continues. I see your pikes and riase you... a unit of sheild wall? Again I throw my troops in first, simply to try to inflict a few wounds and slow the pike horde down. 

Oops, another misjudged range- I wasn't quite out of range of the giant. Only 4 wounds but then Ken rolled double 6!

I got lucky vs the pikes and wavered them with a double 6.

I have managed to kill the shieldwall protecting the flank of the pikeblock but was nice to see both Ken's supporting regiments flank my own shieldwall one they'd been pinned- a classic move.  

Somehow though my shieldwall continued to fight on. 

Nearing the end now, knights charge through a gap in the lines. 

In the bottom of the screen my wizard is about to be chopped to pieces by the elven hero. 

The shieldwall horde finally succumbs after taking 38 wounds! No double 1s for me on my nerve test. 

End of turn 6. My ogres and knights have just destroyed the pike horde. 

No turn 7. We added up the poitns,.

My ogres were just on the wrong side of the table, final score 630- 570 points to Ken. 

It was very close.

Another fun game and really starting to like the balance of my army, still not sold on the bows and maybe I will replace them with a troop of mounted scouts but getting a feel for the army now. I really liked running the scouts as regiments (14 bow shots or 14 attacks) even with no strength advantage is pretty handy at rnning down chaff units. 


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