Sunday, April 25, 2021

Huns/Easterlings/Kingdoms of Men

 I've been working on my Kingdoms of Men list ofr kings of War the past week or so. I got some more of the lovely Gripping Beast metal huns so have painted up a couple of bases of Mounted Sergeants to add to my light horse (mounted scouts).

The army is the basis of my hun force for historics and easily morphed into Easterlings for Middle Earth gaming, or now a mobile Kingdom of Men force for Kings of War. I like the idea of an all mounted army- heavy cav (knights) supported by mounted sergeants with skirmishing scouts on front. It works in my head but we will see if I can learn to apply it on the table top.

To add a bit of aerial support in KoW  I have a couple of Nazgul to act as generals on fell beasts, and can add either an elephant or two or even a trolls (giants) to the mix if necessary. 

I have no idea how it will peform on tabletop but am keen to take it out for a spin. 

Mounted scout troops (in KoW)

I base my cav for easy table top recognition- light horse 4 figs per base, medium cav (Mounted Sergeants) 5 figs and heavy cav 6 figs so I can easly tell at a glance which unit is which. Though I will probably redo the mounted scouts with 5 figs on the regiment sized bases to differentiate them from troops of scouts a wee bit more (though the base size is a dead give away IMO).

The figures in the back are my original idea for Easterling Havy Cav- GW Rohan with differnt shields. They work, but just need to rebase them to match the rest of the force. 

Mounted scouts in the front, mounted sergeants in the next rank and knights bringing up the rear. I am especially interested to see which performs better for me, scouts or sergeants. On paper the flexibility of the scouts wins out for me but we will see. 

Once you get enough units together on the table top it doesn't matter if you are a very average painter like me, the massed effect makes the figures stand out anyway. 




  1. The mass of horseman is very effective

  2. Thanks Neil, we will see if they work out on the table top.