Monday, March 1, 2021

Getting ready for a game...

Not much to report on the gaming fornt in the ppast few months. I bought an old amper an and hae spent the summer getting out and about in the lower half of the South Island, then I got a virus in my eye and was off work for three weeks as I was unable to see out of it and even now after 5 weeks my eyesight hasn't fully returned but is slowly getting a bit better each day. So even if I'd wanted to there was no way i culd have done any painting or gaming related for quite a while. 

So, I've not really done anything gaming related for  quite a while although I have been joining in some role-playing games wth a group of gamers in Oamaru. three of them are playing a bit of Kings of War on Sunday's and so since I am staying down there most weekends have decided to join them so have  organised a force for a game this wekend using my Easterlings. I've not played 3rd edition but enjoyed the few games I had of 2e so am looking forward to a game and will use the Kingdoms of Men lstss to build my army. 

So last night I rebased a few light cavalry to complete my army.  

The rest of the force assembled. 

So hopefully next week I'll have a few photos and maybe a report of the game.




  1. Best of luck to you and your new army!

    1. Thanks Prufrock, alas they got slaughtered :)

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