Sunday, July 19, 2020

Dragon Rampant Ogres

Well, it's been awhile since I've got any gaming in so time to address this. I am planning on popping up to Christchruch next Saturday  hopefully or a game (or two) of Dragon Rampant against my old gaming mate Ian.

No room for subtlety in this army- Ogres from the Northern Wastes

38 point Ogre Army for Dragon Rampant

1x Urakk the Cunning- ogre chief (elite foot)-6pts
3x Ogre Warbands (bellicose foot- shiny armour)- 18pts
1x Owlbears (large warbeasts)-  6pts
2x Warg packs (lesser warbeasts)-  8 pts

 GW Lord of the Rings Wargs
 Wizkids Owbears
 Reaper Bones Ogres



  1. Nice! I like the sabbotted bases for the wolves and those olwbears are marvellous!

  2. Thanks Tim. I've played around with various sabots. I thought they were a bit too "regular" for my light cav type troops but am hapy with them once I'd added a bit of static grass. Fingers crossed the army does well on its first outing.