Sunday, February 16, 2020


Another of those off again, on again projects of mine. I've just rebased some of my dark ages figures to make a Dunlending force for Middle Earth Rampant. The Wildmen of Dunland are made up of some old Glory Scots (I think), the figures were quite a bit shorter than the rest of the force (Footsore, Gripping Beast and  Victrix Vikings) so I put them on 20mm round bases to give them a bit more height and that has made the differences less noticeable to the eye.

The army assembles.

 Light and Medium horse
 Bowmen or scouts depending on my mood.

 The Wildmen

It should make for another interesting force for Middle Earth Rampant.



  1. Cheers Neil, hopefully one day soon I'll find time to game with them!

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