Thursday, January 30, 2020


I've finished off my last few Reaper Bones Bugbears and now have a 36 point force for Dragon Rampant.

4x Bugbears (Bellicose foot)
1x Ettins (Greater Warbeasts)
2x Wargs (Lesser Warbeasts)

Maybe slightly one dimensional but I'm looking forward to giving them a run soon vs my Oathmark Dwarves.



  1. Great looking bugbears. The Rampant gagames will feature a lot this year with my gaming circle.

    Cheers, Ross

  2. Cheers guys. The Reaper Bones bugbears are really nice, a few weapon swaps for more variety has helped. I really like Dragon Rampant and aim to have 36 point per side battles. I'm building up building blocks of 36 point armies and hope to do a larger battle with 3 or 4 commands per side before too long.

    I've almost finished another unit of dwarven infantry and hope to have pictures soon.