Saturday, March 4, 2017

HC: Rebased Seljuks

The rebasing of my Seljuk/Syrian/Arab army continues. The majority of the force is now rebased, just have to do 2 more stands of light horse and an additional heavy cavalry, as well as some command units to be able to field 500 points worth. I still need to touch up some of the figures but the rebasing part of the project is done- though I am now considering upsizing it by getting a few more heavy cav units (another 2-3), and some more infantry (I've 2 bases of light horse to paint up)

All the figures are from the Perry's lovely Crusades ranges.

5x units of heavy cavalry

 6x units of light horse

3x units of light infantry with bow
2x light/medium infantry (Javelins)
2x light infantry/ Ghazi fanatics (depending on the game)

So a busy last few days



  1. Wonderful and colorful units, and these bases are really nice!

    1. Thanks Phil, simple bases but effective. IMO bases are one of the most important aspects of the visual appeal and hence my disdain of the WRG/DBX style. Impetus type bases really pulls units/armies together- makes the army more dynamic and visually appealing and lifts an average paint job like mine up a notch or two.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Neil. Pretty simple but they definitely work.