Friday, February 3, 2017

28mm Ancient Spanish

It's been another busy week working on my next army, Ancient Spanish. I got a couple of boxes of Victrix plastic Ancient Spanish infantry and cavalry and must say I am very impressed with them, great details, animated poses, easy to put together and a good price. What's not to like?

Light cavalry. I rebased my Crusader miniatures cavalry and changed their shields to the ones from Victrix and added LBMS transfers to them. I want my light cavalry units to look like they are passing across the enemy front lines, looks more dynamic on the table and easy to spot too.

 Spanish medium Cavalry. Victrix plastics. I've run out of LBMS transfers so are unfinished but still able to be used on the table.
 Command unit.

Scutarii and caetrati- all Victrix. I really like the dynamic poses, makes for great bases. Again LBMS transfers make all the difference.

This time two units of Crusader Miniatures Scutarii and Caetrati. I don't really like the figures so will be replacing with more Victrix.

Another shot of the Victrix infantry- I am putting 8 figures per 12cm x 6cm base.

I might give these guys a run next week vs Ken'ts Carthaginains.

I am aiming at:
Division 1: 
  • 1xMed Cav
  • 1x Light Cav
  • 2x Scutarii Med  Inf
  • 1x Skirmishers- javelins (Small units)

Division 2: 
  • 1x General's Scutarii Med Inf
  • 1x Scutarii Med  Inf
  • 2x Med Warband
  • 2x Skirmishers

Division 3: 
  • 3x Med Warband
  • 1x Light Cav
  • 1x Skirmishers- javelins (Small units)



  1. Painting and basing are fantastic!

  2. Thanks Phil, my usual pretty average style but the basing and LBMS transfers tie it all together and lift them nicely. Not happy with the Crusader Scutarii though and will look at replacing them as soon as I can- I've another box of Victrix Spanish infantry due next week.