Wednesday, April 6, 2016

BA- Germans vs US Paras

Kent popped round tonight for a game of Bolt Action, his US vs my Germans.

I took:
Reg HQ & 4x vet squads (2 squads with 2x LMGs)
120mm mortar, STUG, 233 armoured car, MMG, hanomag, flak 38.

Kent ran:
Vet HQ, 3x squads, bazooka, Greyhound, vet sherman,. 57mm AT gun, 81mm mortar, sniper

We rolled up envelopment and Kent chose to attack.

My defence- infantry squads in a rather linear defence across the board. The preliminary bombardment put 2 pins on 4 units and killed a crewman on the flak 38.

Turn 1 my assault squad occupies a ruined building near the crossroads.

On my far right a 2x LMG squads and the MMG hold the line.

The US paras advance into the woods in the centre.

The flak 38 is targeted by the sherman, greyhound and 57mm AT gun.,

And from the US lines.

Beginning of turn 2. The US are advancing on their left and in the centre through the wooded area./

The stug appears and engages in a firefight with the sherman, hitting but failing to damage the US tank.

Turn 3 or 4. The Sherman continues to advance on the stug.

Paras break from cover.

German pioneers reinforce the crossroads.

The 57mm AT gun knocks out the stug- possibly its first ever tank kill!

My final squad breaks from cover to try to reinforce the centre, but too little too late.

The Americans switch the axis of advance ot the far left.

 The greyhound chimes in putting pins on the only German squad on the right flank.

The US juggernaut proves unstoppable.

The hanomag finishes off the para mortar squad but it is a hollow victory.

Turn 6 the 233 races forward and misses the Sherman- a last ditch attempt to stem the tide.

The Sherman, greyhound, sniper and a squad then occupy the German right flank and so have 4 units in the defenders zone, giving Kent an 11-4 victory!

Yikes, that didn't end well. Not enough units on my right flank unfortunately. The centre of the board was a bit of an open zone and I failed to reinforce it enough. Kent seized on this and switched his main attack and swamped the defence.

Well played Kent, a few lessons learned there for me



  1. Great looking game gents! We played BA tonight too. A colonial version that Dave came up with.

  2. Look forward to seeing it on your blog. Kent is keen for some tank wars next week, we don't have the book so will make it up as we go :)

  3. Very cool. Made it to my new weekly write-up of batreps/AARs.