Tuesday, October 6, 2015


A fun weekend away playingg footy at the Masters, six games over 3 days wasn't fun though- I
could hardly move by the time we had our last game on Sunday but got through it injury free which is a bonus.

I have just finished a base of Goth infantry for Dux Bellorum/ Impetvs. The figures are a mix of Footsore Miniatures and plastic Gripping Beast Dark Age warriors and LBMS transfers. I was pleased with the Gripping Beast plastics, good detail and easy to put together.



  1. Very nice Craig. I rather like the GB plastics, good for several periods!

  2. Agreed, I think the newer warriors are better than the older ones, less fiddly with the moulded on shield arm. Add the right LBMS and you are good to go for a wide range of periods.

    Was very impressed with them- just need a few more axes for my "Axemen" units for the Alans.

    1. Do you need some more axes? Probably got a few spare floating around.

  3. Excellent job on these Goths, great basement and paint work...

  4. Very nice figures, and nice to know they can be used for different rules.