Thursday, July 23, 2015

BA: German infantry rebased

Tonight I decided to rebase the last few double stands of German infantry. I've decided only team weapons like LMGs, panzershreks and snipers will be double based.

The rebased stands. All the figures except one are Artizan miniatures, the other is a Black Tree D-esigns.

And the entire squads- each are 8-9 men strong, including 1-2 LMG teams and 2 or 3 SMGs

Now they are all ready for a game next week vs Kent.


  1. Nice work! I prefer to single base most troops with only 'teams' doubling up. Just seems to look better.

  2. True Matt but I'm a bit both ways. Double basing means less things to move, pack or unpack (good in my opinion) and also room to have more interesting basing (jungle foliage for instance) so no doubt my basing dilemmas will continue as I see advantages in both systems,