Sunday, October 26, 2014

BA- US Paras's vs Fallschrimjager

I haven't done much gaming of late. Dale and I had a game of Twilight Struggle (my favourite Cold War era board game) the other week, which Dale narrowly won.

Kent popped round for another game of Bolt Action a couple of weeks ago, this time his FJ trying to force a crossing over a US para held bridge, somewhere in Normandy. The mission was envelopment so Kent got extra points for getting units off the table. This time he left his stug at home adding airpower instead. He also chose to add a nebelwefer observer (one of our local rules for LW Germans)

The Germans atacked from the left.
 The initial bomardment pinned a few units but casualties were light.
 My paras prepare to enter the wooded area to contest a ford.
 A view down the American positions- the closest building to the river held a sniper and glider infantry team.
 Fallschrimjager are soon spotted infiltrating forward.
 Luckily for us "The Grim Reaper" was released from reserve to add its weight to our firepower.
 n enemy armoured car takes up position across the river while my paras move forward to put a mortar team under small arms fire.
 The armoured car puts my infantry in the building under 20mm autocanon fire but luckily it is soon strafed by the US airforce and takes several pins.
 Menwhile the FJ cross open ground in front of the river.

 The armoured car, although hving 6 pins mnages to reverse to a crossroads and away from my bazooka team
 The advancing FJ take fire from mysquads but continue their advance. By now things were well and truely heating up for the Americans.
 At the ford e prepare to repel the Germans.
 But in the next turn the Germans get the first die and as they are within 6" there is no defensive fire- uh oh
 Only three men surived to counter atack, they did nowhere near enough damage and surrender.
 The Germans now have a toehold on our side of the river- and their panzershrek team has also knocked out my M16!
 I send troops across to bolster my right flank, but too little, too late. Kent was moving every avaialble team across the river and into the woods.

 Trying to get a few points back I launch an attack across the bridge and take out a squad. In the distance the 222 armoured car remained pinned and ineffective.
 Result: A win the the Germans. I thought 2 squads and an M16 would have been enough in the woods but it proved not so, my defences were brushed aside the the Germans quickly reinforced the bridgehead and consolidated their gains. Another good game though.


  1. Like the look of the Bolt Action game! Great report Craig!

  2. Great looking game, well done mate.


  3. Really want to get a hold of a copy of "Twilight Struggle"! And very nice battle report, it's nice to see Bolt Action played historically vs min-maxed to all get out. Lovely table btw!