Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Impetus- Syrians vs Crusaders

Well it's been quiet round here for the past month. I have not touched a paint brush or a model in that time! I've totally run out of steam and inspiration!

Not quite wargaming but I popped down to the bach on Monday as we are getting a new log burner put in. Winter has finally arrived and at last there was some snow on the Kakanui ranges.

But enough of that, tonight Kent and I finally go together at the club for a game of Impetus and he showed off the start of his new 28mm Napoleonic French army- just the inspiration I need to get started on my Russians!

They are going to look great!

Syrians vs Crusaders: 400 pt Impetus Battle
So after that it was a Syrians vs Crusaders (400 pt Impetus) rematch and at last the Syrians managed to get the better of the Crusaders in a rather one sided affair!

Syrian deployment


Turn 1- The Syrians advance

Turcopoles race forward

On my left flank the Ghulums advance to engage the Norman infantry.

Suljuks advance in the centre to support the Gaziz and city militia.

The city milita hold the centre whilst the suljuks decimate the advancing crusader knights.

Meanwhile the Ghulums whittle away at the infantry- luckily I managed to destroy most of Kent's bow units quickly. It was a bit of a slog but the Ghulums slowly but surely triumphed.

I managed to break both of Kent's commands in the same turn, routing the Crusaders. My Ghulum command only lost a single unit of light horse. The Syrian command lost 2-3 units of infantry (Gaziz) and a unit of light horse (8 pts total) so it was a major victory. I think Kent probably split his forces too much and was guilty of not massing his troops but the terrain certainly paid a part in that. Of course my dice running hot (I rolled at least three 12s for command roles!) helped to ensure I kept the initiative throughout the battle.

It was nice to finally get a win over the Crusaders but I'm sure our victory will be short lived!


  1. Sounds like fun and great photos too.

  2. Craig

    Goodness me, those 28mm figures are looking gorgeous!!!

    Kind regards

  3. Good work Craig - looks like all you needed was for the Cav to be made to look even more impressive so they could sweep all before them!

    I've been getting every last Roman in my possession assembled so I can field enough to show Keith H the ropes (Rome vs Rome) on Sunday. Andy has a heap of Romans too and we've been egging Jason and others to get more barbarians - it would be cool to get some really biog Rome vs enemies multiplayer games going here.

  4. That sounds like fun- keep me posted

    If you want to do a Sunday game at the Cavs I could probably make it